VARD's Sustainable Homes Tour and Seminar

Thanks to the support of the CFTV, VARD was able to offer our Sustainable Homes Tour and Seminar to approximately 60 community members, as we helped empower attendees to think more critically about utilizing resource-efficient residential tools when locating, designing, building, or re-designing developments in Teton Valley. We kicked off the series with a sold-out tour of five homes in Teton Valley that utilize ‘green building’ and energy efficiency designs, followed by a free workshop about Sustainable Development where local architects and developers  discussed techniques to make buildings more environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the building’s life cycle. Without the CFTV's financial support, we wouldn't have had the resources to offer both the tour and seminar to the community; thus we were able to reach a broader audience through two different fun and educational events.

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development
Driggs, Idaho

Friends of the Teton River IdaH20 Citizen Science Program

Thanks to the generous grant from the Community Foundation of Teton Valley, Friends of the Teton River has been able to expand their Community Education Program to include the IdaH20 Citizen Science program. This University of Idaho K-adult science education program allows community members, classrooms, and other volunteers to become Master Water Stewards in their local watershed. As a Steward, volunteers collect crucial water quality data, measuring the health of a stream they “adopt”. Friends of the Teton River is grateful for the support from CFTV to bring this successful program to Eastern Idaho!

Friends of the Teton River
Driggs, Idaho

VoiceTV Education Foundation VOICE Mentorship Program

Thank you, Community Foundation of Teton Valley, for your generous grant to support VOICE -- a mentorship program in Teton High School. VOICE is a social and emotional development program that pairs each incoming freshman with an upperclassman and is conducted in partnership with Idaho Drug Free Youth. The program is designed to connect students to each other which ultimately enable students to help one another. Evaluations show that after students attend the VOICE program, they feel a stronger sense of connectedness at their schools and with other students. Thank you, CFTV for your support of our public schools.

Teton Valley Education Foundation
Driggs, Idaho

RecyclingRendezvous Upper Elementary School Students Learn About Recycling with TVCR

In the past two years, Community Foundation of Teton Valley grants have enabled TVCR to host community composting workshops and to launch our new Close the Loop program to help businesses reduce their waste, while Tin Cup funds help keep our recycling education programs going strong. We are grateful to have Community Foundation of Teton Valley support for these programs.

Teton Valley Community Recycling
Driggs, Idaho

TRLTTeton Regional Land Trust

Thanks to the generous grant from the Community Foundation of Teton Valley, Teton Regional Land Trust has been able to share their Teton Valley Trumpeter Swan Project with the community and supporters across the nation. The 2013 CFTV grant funds assisted in the purchasing of a web camera placed at the trumpeter swan release site where five young swans (cygnets) started their journey in August. The swans were released in an effort to encourage fidelity to the protected wetland in Teton Valley in hopes that the swans will return in following years and begin nesting and building a robust swan population. Thanks to the web camera, community members and supporters were able to watch the release of the swans as well as check on them over the following weeks as they began testing their wings and learning to fly! Teton Regional Land Trust will again use the web camera in the following years as additional swans are introduced into the program. Visit to learn more about the project.

Teton Regional Land Trust
Driggs, Idaho

Hospital3The $700 grant awarded to the hospital lab for purchase of a digital camera and related software has been one of our most beneficial awards yet. Thank you students for your support. The camera fits beautifully on the new microscope purchased with funding from the hospital foundation and the camera software enables our lab technicians to do even more effective diag-nosis than we had originally anticipated. With the new software, our lab technicians will now be able to do crystal examination in-house rather than mailing slides to the pathologist in Idaho Falls. We are already sending pictures to our pathologist for consultations on questionable slide morphology — a great help to our doctors in accurately treating our patients.

Teton Valley Hospital Foundation
Driggs, Idaho