Tin Cup Challengers are stewards of philanthropy who inspire community-wide giving. Challengers are a special group of donors who give $1,000 or more to the Challenger Fund to host the Tin Cup Challenge event, provide a matching grant for participating nonprofits, and fund the Community Foundation of Teton Valley’s Competitive Grants Program.

Many thanks to the following individuals & businesses who have given to the 10th Annual Challenger Fund in 2017!

DOUBLE TIN $100,000+

Donald C. Brace Foundation — Karen K. Scheid

SILVER $15,000+

Barbara & Mike Morey


City Pass, Inc.

BRONZE $10,000+

Ray & Bill Belk
Nancy Siverd, in memory of John Siverd

COPPER $7,500+

Emery & Bill Royall
LeAnn & Tom Talbot

NICKEL $5,000+

Alice & John Finley
Jill & Boyd Smith
Anjali Tate & Greg Young


Silver Star Communications

PEWTER $2,500+

Tina Culman & Chuck Iossi
Glenn Janss
Christina Bryan & Trey Peacock
Carrie & Bill Polk
Beverly & Don Watson
Sonya & Andy Watson


Cottonwood Dental
Fall River Rural Electric
Harmony Design & Engineering
INL/Battelle Energy Alliance
Sage Realty Group
Teton County Title

BRASS $1,000+

Sarah & Ken Dunn
Dawn Felchle
So La Meé & Bob Heneage
Sheelagh & Raymond Howard
Mona Hoesch & Doug Johnson
Joselin Matkins & Jeremiah Keavney
Mary Ann & Duncan Moore
Marjorie & Tom Peter
Liz Pitcher & Hugh Pitcher
Twing & Chuck Pitman
Sharon & Martin Scott
Julie Krumpen & James Severance
Jennifer Wellman, in memory of Arnie Wellman



High Range Designs/Laidback USA
McDonald’s® of Jackson Hole
Teton Valley Magazine
Teton Valley News
Harmony Design & Engineering
Creative Energies